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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Indian River Florida Tea Party - Economy

Federal Stimulus Spending or Free Market Solutions? 

January numbers are in and despite the differences between the household and establishment surveys, the economy appears to have turned a corner. The major unanswered question is the pace of future growth—not whether the economy will slip back into a recession.

 This directly contradicts the Keynesian theorists who used demand-focused, public-spending economics to justify the 2009 stimulus. Keynesianism holds that government spending has a direct “multiplier effect” and boosts the economy almost immediately, not with a delayed effect. Following this theory, many liberal economists predicted that the stimulus would boost the economy in 2009 and 2010 and worried that the economy would slip back into a recession in 2011 when the stimulus ran out.[2] Instead, the opposite has occurred. Read more

Job Creation in a Hostile Economic Environment

Americans are looking for legitimate solutions to the employment crisis.  After the highest unemployment for the longest period of time since the Great Depression, is it possible to turn the corner and create permanent, private sector jobs? Here are three ideas

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